So, Melanie (Part III)

Feb 14

1 31 So, Melanie (Part III)

However, Jane had broken the lock, turned back to her moan; I saw her riding the dick of her husband. Such an inspiring example did not leave us indifferent, I got up on my feet and picked up Melanie, brushing off her towel unwind. Her skin seemed cool, her arms were heated. How we got on the couch – I do not remember. I don’t remember that moment at all. But who cares? Natasha was lying before me, the white in the gray light of the lamps from the window, with heaving breast high, gorgeous thighs, black hair a triangle to the right place. I froze, not knowing which way to approach this cake. But she was not going to wait, took my hand and pulled me closer. I almost fell on her leg, pushing her legs. Read the rest of this entry »

So, Melanie (Part II)

Feb 8

222 So, Melanie (Part II)

And I started to kiss her slowly (her husband was still sitting next to my wife and whispering about something). – No – said Melanie – this will not work. Kiss me with passion. Come on try again. Well, everyone was looking at us of course, but I did not care.  I held her and kissed properly putting my tongue inside her mouth. And somehow suddenly realized that it wasn’t a challenge anymore and that I kiss a young almost necked hot woman I want her badly. And she was excited not less and even more. The third couple already took off all their clothes (or rather, what it replaces) but they do not care as they were they husband and wife. But what shall we do? Then I tried to find my wife and Melanie’s husband. I found out that both of them were kissing. Read the rest of this entry »

So, Melanie (Part I)

Feb 2

1 39 So, Melanie (Part I)

The names and events, of course, traditionally were invented, coincidence, as usual, deliberate. What is a female name first comes to my mind? So, Melanie. We knew each other for a long time, and from the very beginning acquaintance was kind of ambiguous. We never slept with each other but none of us would mind to try. Did I love her? I can hardly say that. And there were something special about her. I did not want just her body. There was definitely something more beyond that, but nevertheless, when I was asked if I want her the answer was always positive. However, it is quite difficult not to want her. She can be named classically beautiful. Brown, slightly long hair, subtly wavy, blue eyes, carefully outlined lips, high neck, rounded shoulders, full, but not loose hands. However, she is tall and graceful, and her breast … and thighs … and feet … But – first things first. So, the story took place at a party, which we had set. Read the rest of this entry »

An issue (Part II)

Jan 27

1 06 An issue  (Part II)

Kimberley totally subsided, and her lips were dry and she was shaking from excitement. – Hey George, have you ever seen boobs like that? Don’t you want to suck this swollen nipple? – asked Brian. -Yes, Brian, I would love to.-answered George. -Well, then come closer, try these sweet boobs! Gorge stiff-legged came closer to the coach, sat down and started to play with Kimberley’s breast. Two men at the same time were sucking Kimberley’s nipples. She moaned and arched her back; Brian did not hold his wife anymore because anyway she could not escape. She arched her back and moaned. –For the fuck sake, take this dress off Brian, I want to see all her body-said George. Brian took off Kimberley’s dress. Kimberley was lying naked on the couch with widely parted legs and was showing her pink pussy. Read the rest of this entry »

An issue (Part I)

Jan 21

1 38 An issue  (Part I)

Brian and George were already pretty much drunk and conversation turned into sex topics: – How often does your Jessica want sex – started to ask Brian about George’s wife. – Well, I do not know depends on her mood. Sometimes she wants sex several times a day and sometimes she says that she has a headache for weeks. And what about your Kimberley. My Kimberley never gets enough. She becomes mad sometimes if you turn her on. I am telling you as to my friend she really does not have limits in sex. She doesn’t care if there are people around or if I am tired. Nothing works with her. I am afraid sometimes that she will find someone else because I can’t stand her demands any longer. Even though you know I will never be able to find someone like her in bed and in life: – said Brian and suddenly became sad. –Like you really tried a lot of women before marriage. I know just Melanie the seller from the shop. Read the rest of this entry »

Once on vacation (Part III)

Jan 16

1 40 Once on vacation (Part III)

A new wave of excitement surged me – I fucked my wife together with another man! I fucked my wife’s mouth a little bit longer and then walked away from her drawn by Terry. Mike – she turned to me – let them fuck and we will find something interesting here to do. I did not mind and started to take off her robe. A little later we were four of us on the sofa all naked and totally satisfied. I managed to orgasm couple of times inside Terry. I don’t know how many times Alex already orgasmed, but I do not particularly care. I saw that they were both well pleased with the joint pastime. Well – I said – while having couple of drinks in the room – it worked – I was happily sitting beside my wife and patted her. Yeah it worked well – Alex smiled – would you like us to tell you in advance when we want you to come and have sex with us – he looked at me. Well actually not – I replied. Oh, youth – said Terry rising – you still need to be taught a lot – she answered the phone ordered a room delivery. Terry and Alex really were a lot older than us, they were both in their forties, and we still were in our twenties. What we need to be taught – my wife asked. Read the rest of this entry »

Once on vacation (Part II)

Jan 11

1 24 Once on vacation (Part II)

Yes I do like – I said and my cock stood up from this conversation and from what I just saw. Then take off her bra – Alex said. I opened the clasp on the back of my wife and released her breasts from the tight material. Jane’s breast swayed under its own weight. Here we go. Well done – said Alex with satisfaction- now you can suck and rub these tits – he squeezed her breast nipple. Jane holding his dick in her hands opened her mouth and swallowed his cock. Very well- said Alex and leaned back on the couch – come on baby, play with it – he put one hand on her head and another one threw over his head. I stood and was watching my wife staying on her knees and sucking his dick. Read the rest of this entry »

Once on vacation (Part I)

Jan 6

1 09 Once on vacation (Part I)

Jane – he called my wife – I would like you to show something. My wife nodded. Without saying a word Alex spread the skirts of his long robe and showed us his dick. Jane blushed and somehow smiled guiltily. Do you like it, Jane – he asked and started to gently masturbate himself. My wife and I both remained silent, standing and watching at his cock. It started to rise and straighten slowly. Jane- he came closer and touched my wife’s cheek – can you help me – he asked and his hand went down and stayed on her breast. – Say something – he gently began to climb through a cutout of Jane’s shirt. Jane looked at Alex and started to touch his. That’s my girl – he smiled and his hand in the meantime, stretching deep cut shirts, crumpling her breasts. Read the rest of this entry »


Jan 1


At the moment, especially when it first occurs unusually strong contact between two independent governments body human. We’re trying to comprehend what he saw, but we cannot able to overcome the centuries-old memory of past generations. We are agreeable, this thought process! He bewitches us, hypnotizing, enters into a state of deep satisfaction, discharge the accumulation of harmful energy. You’re like clears; you become quiet for a while until the body will not ask for a new detente. Read the rest of this entry »


Dec 30


How does husband feel after his wife had been watered by the sperm of another? How does his wife after seeing her beloved one fucking another woman? Will these feelings change over time and, if so, in what direction? The future must be sought in the past and present. And looking at it, I think we still have crossed the prejudices and biases, which so strongly permeated the society of men. The appeals body should not compete with the intelligent and live in harmony, to complement and enrich each other. Read the rest of this entry »

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